Welcome to our on line home -  Truly the “American Gentleman” of  the Pure bred dog world, this loyal, playful and highly intelligent little companion comes in three sizes. Light Weights (up to 15 lbs), Mid-weights (up to 20 lbs) and Heavy weights (up to 25 lbs) . All sizes can result from any breeding, as they do not breed true to size or colour. Their personalities can range from the sedate and modest dog right through to the high energy and drive of a true terrier. and everything in between. They come in black with white markings and brindle with white markings. The traditional white markings include a full white collar, white blaze between the eyes, white mask, with white socks/leggings. They move with an easy gait and will accompany you on a healthy, brisk walk, but it must be remembered in the summer months that extreme heat can present a health risk to your Boston. We, at Rodonna, have spent many wonderful years devoted to the betterment of this breed and your family pet. Please enjoy our on line home and feel free to click on the picture of  “Vegas”  at the top of any page to email us for information   © Rodonna Since 1967 (Boxers) and Boston Terriers - All Rights Reserved         Tedy Bear Publishing - Brentnet Productions - Site Map Squeek Jackson Sami Thank You - Rodonna Bostons Jackson Video Tosca Bain Zoey Mabel Jagger Kaito 2013 Podgy